Complete Siteground Tutorial | Make Your First Website

When you want to create a website, you need Webhosting. Siteground is the best web hosting provider when it comes to pricing, speed, ease of use, and support. That is why I created an in-depth tutorial about Siteground.

I do not only show you how to get your own domain name and choose a Webhosting plan. We will also talk about getting an email account, creating a second website, backups, spam filters, subdomains, staging, and so much more!

I believe web hosting should be something that is effortless, so you

00:00 Intro
02:15 What Is A Domain Name And Webhosting?
03:18 Why Siteground?
05:13 Choose A Domain Name

11:39 Make Your Website Secure (SSL)
12:33 Install WordPress
15:31 Install WordPress In A Subfolder
17:21 Create A Subdomain

Email Account
18:38 Create An Email Account
19:34 Using Webmail
21:32 Mac Mail and Microsoft Outlook
25:38 Configure Your Email Account On Your Phone
29:53 Auto Forward Emails
31:28 Auto Responders
34:35 Create Spam Filters

37:04 Support Through Phone Calls And Live Chat
41:09 Restore Backups
44:54 Staging
47:33 Pin Your Favourite Tools

49:30 The File Manager
53:23 Use FTP Accounts and FileZilla
57:15 PHPMyAdmin and Databases

59:21 Redirects
01:02:24 Upgrade Your Webhosting Plan
01:04:17 Add A New Domain
01:07:05 Install Other Applications

01:08:06 Siteground Caching
01:09:44 Siteground CDN

01:10:05 Site-Scanner

01:10:34 Give Access To Clients
01:16:39 Website Statistics

01:19:36 Use Siteground With An External Domain
01:22:55 Transfer A Domain To Siteground
01:25:11 Migrating Your Website To Siteground
01:29:35 Cancel Your Domain and Hosting Plan
01:31:00 Protect URLs
01:32:13 Block IPs and Countries
01:32:54 WordPress Auto Updates
01:33:49 Search And Replace
01:34:29 PHP Version
01:35:30 Thank You

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